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Program Horizon 2020 clearly demonstrates tendency of European R&D policy to focus research activities on areas important for competitiveness of European economy. Large scale multidisciplinary projects and significant industry participation are tools to achieve this goal
In 2012 our University was continuing optimization of the internal R&D structure aimed to concentrate resources at a number of focus research areas. The university has a potential in the wide range of fields from electronics to civil engineering and transport, from social sciences to architecture and creative industries. Wide range of research areas provide an excellent basis for real life problem solving on national and European levels, however R&D resources from various Faculties, Departments and Institutes should be concentrated and priorities of R&D activities defined at University level.
On November 6, 2012 University Senate approved from three to five focus areas in the fields of: Sustainable building; Environmental and energy technologies; Sustainable transport; Mechatronics; Information and communication technologies; Technology management and economics; Fundamental research on materials and processes.
The success of academic and research activities is determined by the competence of research personnel as well as by appropriate research management policies. Both organizational structure and research management structure are constantly improved at the University. After 1990, many new research institutes and laboratories were established. At present there are 14 research institutes,  3 research centres and 34 research laboratories.
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