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Doctoral studies

International postgraduates are welcome to do their doctoral studies at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (hereinafter referred to as VGTU). A PhD programme corresponds to 4 years studies (full-time mode) and 6 years studies (part-time mode). The Phd programme consists of:
·         Independent research under supervision;
·         Courses for PhD students (approximately 30 ECTS credits);
·         Participation in research networks, including placements at other, primarily foreign, research institutions;
·         Teaching or another form of knowledge dissemination, which is related to the PhD topic when possible;
·         The completion of a PhD thesis.
The programme is designed to prepare scholars of a particular science field who would be able to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in a specific subject area and create new knowledge.
The Ph.D. is the highest degree awarded, and as such requires the highest level of proficiency and achievement, both in knowledge and in the performance of research presented in a written dissertation which also has to fulfill the stated requirements: it is expected to demonstrate candidate’s ability to engage in profound independent academic research, constitute an advance in scientific knowledge and it must satisfy formal criteria which are defined in regulations of the particular science field.
A doctoral degree may be awarded to a person who has successfully completed doctoral studies and defended a doctoral dissertation or it may be awarded to a person who has defended a doctoral dissertation externally.
The PhD studies can be financed by the budget of the Republic of Lithuania, by the companies or enterprises financial resources or a PhD student‘s  personal finances. 
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