The Centre of information technology and systems

The  Centre  of information technology and systems  was established in VGTU in May 2013 and to consolidate experience of the Computing Centre which had worked since 1968 as well as the services provided by the unit of information systems, the functions of the telecommunication unit  and the IT activities of the faculties. The consolidation of IT activities was a purposeful step towards   technological certainty, smooth and consistent development of  VGTU IT infrastructure and administration.

The Centre of information technology and systems  is responsible for of the design, development and maintenance of technologies and systems which consists of three structural units:

The Software development division (head – Paulius Nomgaudas)-responsible for support and development  of all internal and external VGTU information systems.

The Infrastructure division ( head – Mindaugas Štaras) - ensures ITS infrastructure of all VGTU subunits. It  carries out the functions of  monitoring, analysis and systematic development, takes care of the maintenance and development of telecommunications networks.

The Support division (head –Arūnas Oškutis)-responsible for the management of the activities of the ITS Centre for the incidents and ensures  support functions for  IT equipment used in VGTU activities.

The Centre is headed by Eglė Radvilė.  Deputy head is Remigijus Kutas. 

The responsibilities of the Centre of information technology and systems

To ensure the creation, administration and development of all  information technology and systems related to administration, studies and science;

  • To ensure the  resolution of ITS incidents;
  • To ensure the administration of telecommunications;
  • To ensure the systematic  ITS development;
  • To ensure the systematic  IT equipment acquisition by administrative, science and study subunits;
  • To advise the staff how to  use computer software;
  • To ensure the proper and study subunits administrative, research functioning of computer software used at work and in the process of learning;

The Centre of information technology and systems  has more than 40 specialists different technology.

The Centre of informationtechnology and systems is open partnership proposals.