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International student exchange: the best investment for your personal and career development

 International student exchange: the best investment for your personal and career development
The latest research on the impact of Erasmus+ programme has revealed that participation in international exchange programmes enhances employability of the participants by 14%. They are able to find jobs faster and easier than students who did not participate in exchange programmes. Also experience of studying abroad gives an advantage for those who want to work for international organisations or multinational companies. 
“Nowadays traditional boundaries of national markets and economies are vanishing. The emergence of global markets had changed the landscape of business reality. That is why university graduates with international experience are more valued by employers. Exchange studies abroad help students develop better employability skills which are significant in the new business reality,” says Asta Radzevičienė Vice-rector for Strategic Partnerships at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU).
International exchange programmes open doors to students to the best universities and other education institutions abroad, and enable them to expand their network internationally. Students who have participated in Erasmus+ programme share the unique experience that the exchange programme had provided them.
An opportunity to learn cyber security from the best in Israel
VGTU’s doctoral student Leonardas Marozas had chosen the Ben Gurion Negev University in Israel for his exchange studies under Erasmus+ programme. During his informatics engineering studies at VGTU he focused on Cyber Security. “Research and innovation on information technologies and cyber security is one of the driving forces of this small but strong country. Israel is known as the leader of research in cyber security and Ben Gurion Negev University is one of the best in the world in this area. Requirements to enter this university are extremely high, but the opportunities after studies in this university are basically unlimited,” says L.Marozas on his choice for exchange destination.
During his exchange, VGTU’s doctoral student worked at the cyber security research laboratory – the centre of top notch talent and innovations. “I would characterize my visit as the abundance of ideas, initiative and professional experience. During three months of my exchange, I have written two articles and have begun the third one. Also I took part in several projects. In addition to that, I travelled around this unique country: I have visited three seas, holy places, experienced sand storm in the desert and have met many new friends,” shares enthusiastically L.Marozas and encourages everyone to take the chance of studying abroad.
The whole world is open to Lithuanian students
According to Asta Radzevičienė Vice-rector for Strategic Partnerships at VGTU, the world is becoming smaller and Erasmus+ programme contributes to that as well. As of 2015, this programme crossed the European boundaries and offers exchange opportunities all over world. Lithuanian students are spending their exchange studies in Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, the USA and universities in other countries.
“VGTU’s students have exceptionally good opportunities to study outside Europe. For the third consecutive year VGTU receives the biggest Erasmus+ grant in Lithuania – the highest number of scholarships for students to study outside Europe and additional opportunities for the university to work with the leading universities in the world. Some of the best universities are among the top in the world university rankings, such as Fudan University in China (ranks 43 in QS), the University of Sydney (ranks 46 in QS), the University of New South Wales (ranks 49 in QS), the University of Queensland (ranks 51 in QS), the National Taiwan University (ranks 68 in QS) and other universities,” lists A.Radzevičienė.
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